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Born into a family of artists, doing creative work has been second nature to me since being a little toddler taking Crayola crayons to the walls. My canvases now tend to be digital, but art and design has truly been my passion in life - second to being a mother of course. With nearly 20 years of doing graphic design and visual culture, working with clients to bring their businesses and stories to life has been a dream come true.

I founded Urban Root on the idea my designs and business could have a larger impact on those around me. Being deeply involved with the United Way, I know firsthand that we can all do better for our community – so I took this passion for design and desire to fight social injustices to create the values my business hold today.

When I’m not designing, researching, or attempting to keep my kids out of a Zoom meeting, you can find me happily exploring our State of Wisconsin with my husband and our three children - our favorite is Door County with its beautiful State Parks, outdoor activities, and amazing food.

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With a diverse background working for in-house marketing teams, a design agency, and leading the creative direction of a large construction firm, I am able to give you a unique perspective having worked and collaborated on both sides of the table. I’m fully invested in each of my clients, taking the time to learn and understand their needs. I enjoy researching my projects so that details shared from my client can be reflected in the design. Also, I absolutely love what I do! 

As a sixth generation Madisonian, I believe in giving back to the community that has played an essential role in shaping my career and personal development. I am proud to collaborate with local businesses and support non-profits*. I devote a significant amount of time each month to local initiatives that are focused on creating solutions for poverty, education, and housing.


* As an independent artist I operate differently than an agency generally reserving my pro bono to charities and personal projects. Please contact me to learn about non-profit discounts.




Visit these local volunteer opportunities:

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